Canyon Woods
Laurel, Batangas

Nature and health are the twin themes of Canyon Woods. The rustic ambience is enhanced by the cultivated dense canopy of pines trees and foliage, and the pleasant uniformity of architectural designs showcasing log cabins and country type homes.

Hotel Policies. Pets are not allowed within the resort premises. Cooking inside or outside the unit is prohibited. Bringing of food/beverages within the resort is strictly prohibited. Bringing of personal pillows and/or linen is not allowed.

Amenities/ Facilities
Transfer Fee P 75,000.00
Monthly Dues P 2,500.00
Processing Fee P 5,000.00
1 Yr. Advanced Dues 30,000.00
For inquiries, kinDly contact us at:
+63.2.817.5655 / +63.2.819.3560 +63.2.812.1066
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